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Fermenta’s Board member elections will take place online in November 2022. Watch your email for voting details. Login to your Fermenta account here to update your email address. 


  • Only current Active Fermenta members may run for a Board position and/or vote in the election.

  • Voting will be online this year.

  • If you are interested in running, you must fill out the "Fermenta Board Officers Election Form" by November 15, 2022.

  • To run, you must have one current Active member or Board Member nominate you.

  • Active members may nominate a candidate via email, in writing, or verbally. Submit a copy of the nomination email or document, or email the name and contact information of the nominating member to Fermenta.michigan@gmail.com.

  • Active members may nominate one individual for each Board position – no multiple nominations for the same position. For example, a member may not nominate more than one candidate for Secretary. 

  • The Elections Committee will tally the votes and announce the 2022 Board officers at the end of the election period.

  • The newly-elected Board members officially take office on January 1st of 2023. 


  • Board members meet on a monthly basis, usually via video conference, but sometimes in-person. The Board generally schedules meetings around each Board member’s availability.

  • To familiarize themselves with the duties of their new position, Board members-elect shadow the corresponding outgoing Board member until their term begins in January.

  • To see an outline of each position’s specific duties, please see below. 


Below are the Board member position descriptions. All positions are up for election each year, even if a current Board member is re-running. Each Board position is a one-year term, from January 1 to December 31. Only Active Fermenta Members may vote in the election and/or run for a Board position.


The President works directly with all Board members. Daily duties include monitoring and responding to organizational emails, monitoring social media, and membership administration. The President is the main point person for all Fermenta events and assists in delegating tasks and responsibilities. The President schedules and runs Board meetings.


  • Schedule, set the agenda, and run monthly Board meetings

  • Monitor and answer organizational emails

  • Work with media outlets, do interviews, or delegate these tasks to others as appropriate

  • Help coordinate events

  • Monitor Fermenta’s website

  • Actively seek out new venues or think of new ideas for educational events, scholarships, or collaborative opportunities

  • Ensure sure all other Board members are performing their duties as assigned to the best of their ability

  • Oversee any committees as necessary

  • Attend as many Fermenta events as possible


The Vice President assists the President in performing the above or other specified duties. She acts as President in the absence or disability of the President, performing the above or other specified duties. 


  • Attend monthly Board meetings 

  • Assist the President in the above or other specified duties

  • Act as the President in the absence or disability of the President

  • Perform any special areas of responsibility, such as membership, communications, events, elections, legal filings, etc.

  • Oversee any committees as necessary

  • Attend as many Fermenta events as possible


The Treasurer oversees the management and reporting of Fermenta’s finances. The Treasurer works with all Board members on a regular basis to ensure financial responsibility. The Treasurer is responsible for preparing all financial documents on a timely basis, distributing these documents to Board members, and maintaining adequate copies and backups of all financial data. The Treasurer should be financially literate, pay close attention to detail, be timely in completing tasks, and keep neat and accurate records.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings

  • Perform all necessary monthly financial tasks

  • Maintain the bank account 

  • Track expenditure receipts 

  • Monitor monthly scholarship expenses

  • Account for all donations 

  • Track/calculate monthly fees

  • Prepare, store, and distribute to Board members any monthly financial statements

  • Submit the annual 990 form to the Internal Revenue Service

  • Submit the annual corporations report to the State of Michigan

  • Create yearly financial statements

  • Propose and present an annual budget

  • Monitor finances as they correspond to the budget

  • Maintain a cash box for events

  • Assist as needed with events

  • Attend as many Fermenta events as possible


The Secretary keeps Board meeting minutes and uploads them into the Fermenta Google Drive. The Secretary monitors membership administration, helps correspond with donors, and takes on other tasks as needed.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings

  • Draft and maintain Board meeting minutes and uploads them into Google Drive

  • Monitor and correspond with members as needed

  • Send thank you correspondence to donors

  • Assist in monitoring and updating the website

  • Assist in planning events as needed

  • Attend as many Fermenta events as possible


The Communications Director is responsible for monitoring communications activities to promote, enhance, and protect Fermenta through social media, media contacts, visual advertising development, and any additional projects as needed. The Communications Director must monitor social media accounts on a daily basis.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings

  • Work closely with other Board members to promote all events

  • Oversee the drafting and sending out of a monthly newsletter

  • Monitor social media accounts on a daily basis

  • Create social media posts to advertise and promote events, scholarships, etc.

  • Help create and order promotional products

  • Act as media contact for press releases or interviews

  • Assist in planning events as needed

  • Attend as many events as possible


The Scholarship Director’s primary responsibility is to chair the Scholarship Committee and coordinate finding, promoting, offering, and awarding a variety of educational scholarships for members. The Scholarship Director schedules and runs Scholarship Committee meetings.


  • Attend monthly Board meetings 

  • Schedule and run Scholarship Committee meetings

  • Recruit members to Scholarship Committee when needed

  • Seek out new scholarship and educational opportunities

  • Draft scholarship descriptions and send to appropriate board members for newsletter, web page, SM etc 

  • Monitor applications, contact applicants if necessary

  • Check applicant qualifications and membership status 

  • Draft applicant voting matrices and coordinate voting with Scholarship Subcommittee members

  • Tally votes and award scholarships, based on voting rubrics

  • Notify recipients, and communicate with non-winning applicants

  • Request bio and picture from recipients, send to appropriate board members for newsletter, web page, SM etc

  • Notify President and Scholarship Committee members of winners

  • Follow up with recipients re testimonial

  • Keep records of scholarships awarded, receipts, and winners 

  • Propose and monitor annual scholarship budget

  • Submit copies of receipts to the Treasurer in a timely manner

  • Make sure Scholarship table is set up at Fermenta Anniversary Party

  • Assist in planning events as needed

  • Attend as many events as possible

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