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Fermenta’s Board member elections normally occur at the annual Anniversary Party. This year, because of the pandemic, they will take place online in October 2020 at the end of the month. Watch your email for voting details. Login to your Fermenta account here to update your email address. 

Election Process

  • Only current Active Fermenta members may run for a Board position and/or vote in the election.

  • Voting will be online this year.

  • If you are interested in running, you must fill out an election form by October 1, 2020.

  • To run, you must have one current Active member nominate you, and a separate current Active member second that nomination.

  • Active members may nominate a candidate via email, in writing, or verbally. Submit a copy of the nomination email or document, or email the name and contact information of the nominating member to Fermenta.michigan@gmail.com.

  • Active members may nominate OR second one individual for each Board position – no multiple nominations or seconding for the same position. For example, a member may not nominate more than one candidate for Secretary. A member may not second the nomination of a different candidate for Secretary after already nominating another candidate for Secretary. A member may not nominate a candidate for Secretary after already seconding another candidate for Secretary.

  • The Elections Committee will tally the votes and announce the 2021 Board officers at the end of the election period.

  • The newly-elected Board members officially take office on January 1st of 2021. 

Board Member Duties

  • Board members meet on a monthly basis, usually via video conference, but sometimes in-person. The Board generally schedules meetings around each Board member’s availability.

  • To familiarize themselves with the duties of their new position, Board members-elect shadow the corresponding outgoing Board member until their term begins in January.

  • To see an outline of each position’s specific duties, please click here.

**Election forms are due by October 1, 2020. CLICK HERE to fill out an election form.**

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