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‘Fermenta’ is not a real word. One can’t find it in the dictionary or pin it down as a concrete actuality. But if you asked me what it was, I would be able to tell you that it is many things.

Less than a year ago, it was a small group of women united around an exciting idea. Today, Fermenta is an organized collective of over 140 members sharing the same mission:

Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective is a non-profit trade group initiated by Michigan women, committed to diversity, camaraderie, networking, and education within the craft beverage industry.

Fermenta is a team—it’s a “We” effort. It stands for enthusiasts, professionals, teachers, students—those with or without the knowledge who share the common goal of wanting to know more. Get involved more.Do more.

Fermenta is a foundation for knowledge. The group offers educational seminars focused on blending the enjoyment of drinking with learning new aspects of the industry. Past events have highlighted Cicerone certification, off-flavor demonstrations, food and craft beverage pairings, and facility tours.

Fermenta is a promotional, networking vehicle dedicated to the Michigan craft scene. Everyone has the opportunity to grow relationships with enthusiasts and professionals alike at events and meetups. New network connections come with lasting, new friendships.

Fermenta is a voice for creativity and innovation. Every moment, the group looks for new ways to link different aspects of craft together into the bigger picture. All lifestyles, careers, and practices are considered a craft, and we embrace the notion that anyone can contribute a skillset to furthering the success of Michigan as a whole.

Fermenta is a stepping stone towards international craft practices and community. We have taken part in International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, in which over one hundred breweries all over the world coordinated the brewing of one beer recipe to celebrate and honor the spirit of community and teamwork in the industry.

Fermenta is a support system for actively engaging in new lifestyle opportunities. Our future offerings include scholarships and internships—the opportunity to shadow industry professionals. We hope to inspire and encourage those who want to be future pioneers of the Michigan craft industry.

Fermenta is a vision of the future. It is a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives, and more than that, it offers the support and womanpower to convert words into actions.

Fermenta is a lot of things. But its bones are good craft beverages and good people dedicating their passions to pursue further education and growth within Michigan’s craft industry.

And for me, Emily Hengstebeck, it’s having the knowledge, confidence and support to start a new life and new career dedicated to Michigan craft.

And it could also be you.

By: Emily Hengstebeck

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