Sensational Scotch Night at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms


Emily Bennett received the Zingerman’s Sensational Scotch scholarship in November. Every Fermenta scholarship winner must create a short blog piece or visual project recapping their scholarship experience. Enjoy Emily’s blog!


My path to the craft side was paved by an intense love for beer. Living on the west side of the mitten and, more specifically, near Grand Rapids made it almost mandatory. Over the past year, however, my intellectual pursuits began to include all things associated with whisk(e)y, scotch, and bourbon.

I was fortunate to be chosen for the scholarship to the Sensational Scotch class held on 13 November. It was a fabulous excuse to venture to the other side of the state and spend a lovely evening at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms being immersed in the rich history related to Scotch as told by Alibeth Vandergrift, our instructor for the event. 


We sampled four different Scotch Whiskys, relating their varying characteristics to the region in which they were produced. Most important to my virginal palate, was the initial instruction regarding the use of spring water to open the aromatics.

Version 2

Once the initial education was complete, we dove into three cocktails–mixed, shaken and stirred–with a variety of additions to Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker Black, Cardhu and Laphroaig. Between each, the staff served a variety of complementing small plates prepared by Zingerman’s Head Chef, Wendy.

Version 2IMG_0254Version 2

If you have not taken the opportunity to venture to one of the cocktail events hosted at Zingerman’s Corman Farms, please consider it. The food was fantastic, the class was incredible, and the hospitality amazing. My husband and I cannot wait to return for another evening of educational adventure.

Thank you Fermenta for the opportunity to explore both within the state and across the Atlantic. I look forward to mixing a cocktail based on Scotch and ordering my new favorite, Cardhu, neat.


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