Secretary (0 Candidates- Open Position)


        The Secretary keeps a log of monthly Board meeting minutes and uploads them into the Fermenta Google Drive. The Secretary assists in planning monthly events, if needed, and attends as many monthly events as possible. The Secretary helps with membership (mainly sending membership cards and welcome letters to new members) and sends scholarship applications to the Scholarship Committee after removing the candidate’s name from the application.


  • Participate in monthly Executive Board Meetings
  • Take notes at Executive Board Meetings and upload them into the Google Drive
  • Send membership cards and welcome letters to people who sign up for membership online
  • Assist in website updating (if tech savvy and interested in doing that)
  • Assist in organizing scholarship applications to send to the Scholarship Committee
  • Assist in the planning of monthly events if needed
  • Attend monthly events

Time: 2 – 3 hours/week