President (1 Candidate- Pauline Knighton is re-running)


        The Fermenta President works directly with all Executive Board members on a weekly basis. The average amount of time per week is 5-10 hrs and requires at least small attention almost every day.  Daily duties include answering emails, monitoring social media, touching base with the Events Coordinator and ensuring events are in place. Along with the Events Coordinator, the President is the main point person for all major Fermenta events and assists in delegating responsibilities to other members as needed/based on members’ skills and interests.  Furthermore, the President is expected to be present at as many monthly Fermenta events as possible; one’s presence at smaller events (ex. collaboration brew days) is strongly encouraged whenever possible.  


  • Schedule and run monthly Board meetings
  • Answer emails from interested or current Fermenta members
  • Work with media and answer questions, do interviews, or send to Communications Director
  • Work directly with Events Coordinator to coordinate monthly events, ensure details are in place
  • Work directly with Communications Director to make sure posters are created for events and social media posts are taken care of for event promotion
  • Work with Scholarship committee to find scholarships, price out options, work within a budget, monitor applications, choose winners
  • Check and monitor the website
  • Make sure all events are posted and updated
  • Make sure all pages on website are working and updated
  • Work with website designer to add new functions to the website or update existing functions
  • Work with Communications Director and blog team to make sure monthly blogs are ready to go on the website
  • Work with Fermenta volunteer to help coordinate and run Fermenta Collaboration Series Brew Days for MBG Festivals
  • Monitor and answer questions on Facebook
  • Post on Twitter and Facebook on a daily/weekly basis
  • Work with monthly newsletter Fermenta Volunteer to get information out to members
  • Actively seek out new venues or think of new ideas for monthly Fermenta events
  • Monitor Fermenta memberships to ensure that each new membership purchase is recorded and sent to the Treasurer
  • Send a welcome email to each new member who purchases a membership.
  • Attend monthly events

Time: 5 hours/ week