Collaboration Brew Series

Summer Beer Festival Collaboration Brew Series

Every year, Fermenta organizes collaboration brew days at breweries around the state. These brew days celebrate women in the craft beverage industry and provide opportunities for women enthusiasts to get more involved in the industry. The beers are showcased at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival.

If you are a brewery interested in hosting a collaboration brew day, please send us an email at If you are interested in attending a brew day, please keep an eye on our events page where we will update brew day opportunities.

Fermenta Festival Label Art

For the past two years, we had a different female artist create label art for each fest. This way patrons of the festival are able to easily identify a Fermenta collaboration brew. The artwork and information on the artist is below.
2015 Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Fest
Tiffany Lentz returned to the Mitten State after being absent for just under 8 years to live in New York, Los Angeles and Europe.  Although she loves to see different parts of the world, Grand Rapids is more home to here than anywhere else.  Diving back into the culture here, she has gone head first into the liking of beer, bicycling, working out, drawing and going to see live music.  By day she is accompanied by her French Bulldog, King Romeo lV while managing social media accounts and ghostwriting for many different personas.  She may need an extra hug or hello during the winter time because it is something she isn’t particularly fond of…yet.


2015 Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Fest


Artist: C.R. Warner

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