Fermenta Turns One Year Old


Hello Fermenta! This month’s Fermenting Thoughts post is focused on the Anniversary Party held at Block Brewing Co. on August 23rd. It also has a link to the Mitten Brew article written about the party and the day’s activities. Enjoy!

With Fermenta’s non-profit structure set up, Professional members had the opportunity to vote on our first bylaw change initiative. The initiative proposed creating two new Fermenta membership tiers in addition to the current Professional and Associate levels that are restricted only to women. The two additional levels are Supporting Membership and Corporate Membership. The initiative passed, twenty-seven to two.

Supporting Membership is open to both women and men who are at least 21 years of age. This membership tier would not be able to vote or apply for Fermenta scholarships, but it would give the supporters discounts to Fermenta events.

Corporate Membership is open to organizations who desire to support professional and active women in the fermentation craft beverage industry.

The costs, rights, and benefits of each membership level are below:

Membership Levels

Although this bylaw change does not restrict Fermenta to women only, Fermenta will not lose site of its initial reason for formation: to be committed to diversity and encourage camaraderie, networking, and education for women in the fermentation craft beverage industry.

We also want to announce that the Executive Board members did not change. All positions ran unopposed. Next year, Professional members will once again have the opportunity to run for an Executive Board position.

If you wish to become more involved with Fermenta, whether that is in a Board position, or as a volunteer, please reach out to us at fermenta.michigan@gmail.com. We need your help to ensure Fermenta grows!

Happy September,
The Fermenta Board

Click to enjoy the Mitten Brew Fermenta Anniversary Party article.

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