Communications Director

Communications Director (0 Candidates- Vacant)


        The Communications Director is the lead director for communications oversight of Fermenta. This includes communications activities that promote, enhance, and protect the organization’s brand reputation, such as social media, relationships with the media, visual advertising development, and any additional projects that spread awareness of Fermenta to the public.


  • Works closely with the President and Events Coordinator to create visual media for events (posters, etc)
  • Helps Fermenta volunteers coordinate MGB collaboration brew days
  • Handles ordering of t-shirts and other media products
  • Main support person for Fermenta blog volunteers
  • Acts as media contact for press releases
  • Support for media interviews regarding Fermenta
  • Attends events as a supporting Fermenta board member
  • Serves as media back up person to the President

Time: About 15 hours/month, fluctuates depending on what is happening each month