Mead Geek to Provisional Mead Judge to, hopefully, Official Mead Judge

Last summer, I was awarded the BJCP Mead Judging exam scholarship from Fermenta.  The BJCP (Beer Judging Certification Program) Mead judging exam had been revised earlier in 2016 to bring it more in line with the beer judging exam.  It now starts with a timed, 200 question on-line exam. Once […]

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Fermenta & New Growth Associates Receive Grant to Support Michigan Barley Farms

  New Growth Associates a food system consulting firm, in conjunction with Michigan State University and Fermenta, a women’s craft beverage trade group collective, received a seven-thousand-dollar grant from the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development to revitalize malting barley production in Michigan.     Megan Phillips Goldenberg, […]


Flavor, Flavor Everywhere ~

Fermenta Article 12.07.16 by Ginger Johnson Founder, Women Enjoying Beer   With a nod to the Ancient Mariner, one of the very best aspects of beer is flavor – hands (and pints) down. And one of the reasons is that we all enjoy flavor.   Do we all enjoy the […]


My Cicerone/AROXA Off–Flavor Tasting Kit Experience

Receiving this off-flavor kit was fantastic.  I am a recently certified BJCP Mead judge and as a part of the judging process we give feedback to the brewers and meadmakers on any flaws in their products.  I was especially interested in this kit to help improve my knowledge of common […]


Beer Camp: Every Young Girl’s Dream

Tiffany Davidson received the very first Fermenta scholarship. The scholarship was Beer Camp, a day long brewing experience taught by Know Beer!. Every Fermenta scholarship winner must create a short blog piece or visual project re-capping their scholarship experience. Enjoy Tiffany’s blog! The title of this blog came from a […]